Training and resources for sharing power in co-produced research

We want to help everyone share power more effectively when working together on health and social care research.

Co-producing research is when researchers, practitioners and members of the public collaborate to develop research. Everyone works together in more equal partnerships and shares responsibility and power throughout the research project.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) INVOLVE guidance indicates that sharing power is an important, yet challenging principle in co-producing research. There are many factors that affect how we work together, such as hierarchies in universities and in the NHS, unfair treatment of people and unequal distribution of wealth.

We want to enable everyone to share power more effectively when working together on health and social care research.

To start this project, we invited public contributors (members of the public who have been involved in research), practitioners and researchers to two workshops to share thoughts from their own experiences of producing research together. The University of Bristol paid for these workshops from its public engagement funds. We then applied to the University of Bristol Research Staff Development Fund to develop this work further.

Project aims

Through this project we aim to:

  • develop a half-day training course and tools for interested for researchers, public contributors and professionals who want to co-produce research
  • jointly make useful guidance for how public contributors, professionals and researchers can share power when producing research together
  • develop questions to help everyone to consider their own sources of power
  • share information, learning and skills across university departments

We are working together with people who have been involved in co-production through workshops to develop these resources.

Anticipated impacts

We are getting in touch with people interested in co-producing research, to share ideas and experiences. We will test our training course in Autumn 2019. If you would like to receive more information, please get in touch. Our resources will be available on the CLAHRC West website.

Lead collaborators

  • Darren Bagnall, Honorary University of Bristol staff member and public contributor
  • Heidi Andrews, Honorary University of Bristol staff member and public contributor

CLAHRC West staff

Philippa Davies

Dr Philippa Davies

Partners on this project

University of Bristol

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