New PPI impact workshop in the pipeline

16 July 2018

CLAHRC West’s public involvement team is developing a new workshop on practical approaches to evaluating both the impact and processes of involvement, in partnership with our regional involvement network People in Health West of England and the University of the West of England (UWE).

Evaluating the impact of involvement is essential, but it’s not straightforward. This workshop will help researchers, involvement staff and experienced public contributors think through the issues and consider the practical benefits and limitations of different approaches. It will draw on new guidance developed by colleagues at UWE Guidance Document: Evaluating public involvement in research.

The workshop will introduce ways of reporting activities and outcomes, evaluating public involvement as a knowledge space, and using the Public Involvement Impact Assessment Framework (PiiAF).  NIHR’s Public Involvement Standards will form part of the workshop, as standard five is impact and understanding the difference that public involvement makes to research. We have tested out our ideas with two groups and hope to have a workshop on our learning and development programme by the end of 2018.