David Telling Charitable Trust calls for funding

5 January 2018

The David Telling trust has announced calls for funding for research time and proposals in University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and North Bristol NHS Trust.

Clinical research fellow and new consultant sessional awards

These will be awarded to fund a period up to 12 months’ research activity for clinicians in training or newly appointed consultants, to allow the necessary introductory research time to generate the data and expertise for a larger research grant application and, if appropriate, to fund a higher degree.

It is anticipated that research time will be part funded by the David Telling Trust; in addition to any service commitment funded by the employing trust which for consultants must also be matched with research time; and/or funding will also be sought from the Clinical Research Network West of England for time to develop and perform NIHR portfolio work. These awards thus offer the possibility of developing a research career that can be integrated into clinical training pathways and clinical practice.

Applicants are strongly advised to discuss with Stephen Falk before applying (contact details below). These sessions are designed to be funded by the charity together with other sources.

£25,000 pump-priming grants

These are pump-priming awards. They are flexible to get new researchers of all professions started.  The link on the right will take you to information on how to apply. The closing date for applications is 31 January 2018. Please note that applications for both research grants and medical equipment for up to £25,000 are accepted, although more may be available for medical equipment if there is a strong case for it (there should be clear patient benefit and a reason why the NHS will not fund it).

Closing date for applications is 31 January  2018.

Please contact Stephen Falk for enquiries: stephen.falk@UHBristol.nhs.uk / 0117 342 2461