The antibiotic age: the end or a new beginning?

13 November 2019 12pm - 8pm

Colston Research Society Symposium 2019 and Annual Public Lecture

There has been much attention paid to the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and this has led to increased interest in research aimed at addressing this problem.

This symposium will bring together international experts from many facets of research and policy development to highlight advances that have been made and interventions that are being taken to reduce the burden of AMR, particularly in a global context.

The Colston Research Society is a body comprising academic and external members who are committed to sponsoring and supporting an annual academic symposium on research topics with a high timeliness and current relevance.

The 2019 symposium is being hosted and organised by Bristol AMR – the University of Bristol’s interdisciplinary AMR research network, with the support of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute.

Joining instructions

The symposium costs £75. The public lecture is free to attend – a registration link will be available shortly.

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