Professor Tim Peters

  • Theme Lead
  • Effectiveness

Tim Peters is Professor of Primary Care Health Services Research and Head of the School of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bristol, where he is also Research Director for the Faculty of Health Sciences.

A statistician and trialist with over 30 years’ experience of epidemiology and research on health and health services, mostly in primary care, his research interests focus on community-based evaluations of health interventions. Many of these evaluations involve randomised trials conducted by multidisciplinary research teams including quantitative and qualitative methodologists.

Tim has also conducted research on the methodology of trials, especially where groups of individuals are randomised (cluster trials) or there is interest in exploring the extent to which interventions confer greater benefit to some individuals than to others (subgroup analyses). A further priority has been the development and supervision of researchers from a variety of backgrounds – 20 doctoral degrees undertaken by doctors, nurses, other health care professionals and research methodologists.

Tim has extensive experience of being a member of and/or chairing grants committees covering methodology, HTA, programme grants and fellowships for organisations including the MRC, NIHR, Health Care Research Wales, Health Research Board in Ireland, Marie Curie, Dimbleby Cancer Care and the Wellcome Trust.