The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West (NIHR CLAHRC West) works with partner organisations, including the NHS, local authorities and universities, to conduct applied health research and implement research evidence, to improve health and healthcare across the West.

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Research and implementation

Our researchers are based in five teams, focused on their expertise in research methodologies: effectiveness, efficiency, epidemiology / health services research, ethnography and evidence. They focus on projects on chronic health conditions, equity, appropriateness and sustainability, mental health and public and population health. All our research projects have the cross-cutting themes…

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Patient and public involvement

We have a joint patient and public involvement (PPI) team and strategy group, which is shared across all the health networks in the region, including CLAHRC West, the West of England Academic Health Science Network, the Clinical Research Network: West of England and Bristol Health Partners. These partners work with NHS…

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Training and capacity building

Training and capacity building at CLAHRC West promotes the development of skills in understanding, using and producing evidence for the health, public health and commissioning workforce, and patients and members of the public. We do this through running courses, funding fellowships, offering training bursaries and collating other training opportunities in…

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